Biology for Everyone through Illustrations

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Welcome to Creative Science Communication!

Biology can be an over-whelming subject to many who did not study biology beyond school. Those huge textbooks, too many terminologies, difficult-to-follow figures, hell a lot of facts……!

However, if we did understand biology, believe me, we would be fascinated from how our grandmother’s nose came to be on our face to how something as tiny as a single cell can determine if your baby would be a boy or girl.

This space is my primitive attempt to bring to you creative biology illustrations to explain simple concepts in biology.

I promise, they wouldn’t make the subject go over your head like those biology textbooks did. Rather, you will be eavesdropping on what sperm are chatting to each other; you will be jaw-dropping at the busy life of the tiny factories inside you; and you will be falling in love with your every little chromosome – be it an X or a Y!

Meet you all soon through biology illustrations!

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